Complete Extension Survival Guide For White Girls & Latinas

Complete Extension Survival Guide For White Girls & Latinas

Growing and maintaining long hair is a job all on its own. Sometimes you want long thick locks and switch up your look. We're sure you've heard of hair extensions but theres are so many methods to add extensions, where do you start? What is the best method for you? Here is the most popular hair extension sow ins and their pros and cons.  


Sew-In - Lasts Approximately 4 months

Pros: This method is is fairly priced, it's easy to install and remove with very little maintenance on your part. Your stylist begins by lightly braiding your hair in order to lay a base for the extensions to hold on to. If this feels like a good fit for you then you can go ahead and work with a stylist to see which wefts and colors suit your look. 


Cons: Although fairly priced, you will be in the salon often to tighten braids to maintain your sew ins. This can add up and be time consuming for the busy girl on the go. Even if multiple trips to the salon is not a deal breaker, your hair may be too thin or dry to hold the weight of the sew ins. This weight can sometimes damage your own hair and if not done correctly, can cause traction alopecia from all the weight. (pulling out hair out but using extensions seems counter productive to us)


White girl sew in

Tape-In - Lasts Approximately 6-8 weeks

Pros: If you are looking to add volume and thickness to add to your own hair then tape-ins may be the way to go. Tape-ins are fairly quick to install by using a special heating glue to apply the wefts to. You can always reuse these extensions many times with proper care before having to order more, so that is always a plus.

Cons: Just like sew-ins , tape-ins can also be a hassle with constant running back to the salon to maintain. You will be back in the chair every six to eight weeks in order to keep up with growth of your roots. If you pick the wrong hair stylist then you may end up with damaged hair with the tape-ins ripping hair out. Any lover of using oils, conditioners, or products in generals may have the tape-ins accidentally slip out so this is a no-go for these type of girls.



Fusion - Lasts 3 - 6 months

Pros: Fusion extensions can be applied piece by piece through hot or cold keratin bonds that are bonded to the root of your hair. The upside is that you can treat these extensions like as if they were your own hair. They add length and volume and require little to no maintenance. 

Cons: As your hair grows out as it normally does, the bond and hair extensions move forward and will need to be touched up every few weeks by your stylist. Each session can take up to 3 hours so this is time consuming.

If your hair is already damaged or stressed then this is an option that will further damage your hair. Fusion hair extensions tend to be more on the pricier side but they do last longer than the previous methods above.

white girl extensions fusion hair

Clip-in or Temporaries - Up to two years with proper care

Pros: They are popular and for good reason! This method is usually used at home and can be done by yourself. Multiple weft of hair attached to a clip are use around the head for fuller and longer hair. They are great for a night out and special occasions. They come in all lengths, colors, and sizes and all at different prices. Synthetics hair can be an option but that just looks tacky. (Joking) However we recommend luxurious real human hair. 

Cons: Although easy to install, clip ins do have a small learning curve and time to adjust and blend in. They do not just clip in and blend it does take some work on your part to instal each and every clip in the right direction. Another draw back is the blend, they usually show a disconnect and give a distinct "Clip-in" look that looks unnatural. At the end of the day are you using hot tools on your own are as well as the clip ins so your hair will be pulled and treated with heat that can be damaging.

clip in extensions for white girls

Half Wig Extensions - Up to two years with proper care

Pros: We've saved the best for last! For the ultimate full voluminous and seamless look we recommend a Half Wig. They neatly hide eighty percent of your hair underneath the half-wig extensions to protect from heat, chemicals, and and friction against you and your clothes that causes split ends. A one piece clip in blends in with your hear the most natural and seamless, only the top section of the end and the front 2 inches on the side are exposed and blended into the extensions. 

If you have one tone or dark hair you can easily slip on an ombre half-wig extension for an ombre look without spending hours in the salon, going for touch ups, and constantly washing and using color treated shampoos.

A half-wig also can be installed within about two minutes and you are out the door. Although they are on the more expensive end of the spectrum up-front. They do save a lot of time from salons, they do end up saving a lot of expenses from the salons as well as you mainly have to maintain your haircut.

Cons: They are more costly upfront as a cost but they pay for themselves in time and money spent in salons

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half-wig extensions